COVID-19 Survey

Hartford Health Initiative in collaboration with the Department of Public Health Sciences of the University of Connecticut, School of Medicine and CT data Collaborative, conducted a COVID-19 survey with Black women in the Greater Hartford area from August 2020- September 2020. The purpose of this project was to assess the public’s knowledge, attitudes and behavioral responses to COVID-19. The outcomes of this project will assist in identifying the gaps in communication, a better understanding of the needs of Connecticut residents and the development of more effective public health interventions.

The Covid-19 Survey: This survey was developed by the UConn Department of Public Health Sciences and Hartford Health Initiative (HHI). HHI collected survey responses through phone interviews between August and November, 2020. People who answered the surveys were referred to HHI by other respondents. All data is from this source unless otherwise noted.

Household Pulse Survey: This survey was created by the U.S. Census Bureau. Survey responses are collected bi-weekly via the Internet from a random, representative group of people in each state. The data in this report was collected August 19 to September 28, 2020.

Below is a summary of the data for download.

The Mask Matters Project

The Mask Matters Project is a collaboration between Hartford Knights, Hartford Health Initiative, and Compass Youth Collaborative. We aim to distribute 10,000 reusable masks to students in Hartford Public Schools as well as through the Compass Peacebuilders program. Each student will receive five masks as well as COVID-19 health information and resources. Through this project we hope to increase knowledge of COVID-19 information and the frequency in which youth wear masks. Stay tuned for data collected through this project.