Free First Aid/CPR Classes & Certifications

The Hartford Health Initiative, in partnership with the Hartford Fire Department, is offering classes beginning in March.

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Care Coordination Project

A partnership between Hartford Health Initiative and neighborhood health clinics connecting Hartford residents to primary care services and addressing barriers to ensure participants continue with care long-term.

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So I’ve Voted Now What?

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Register To Vote Civic Engagement Resources

Your Vote, Your Future: Act Now for Change!

Resources for Hartford residents to contact their elected officials and other governance bodies to address community concerns and needs.

Civic Engagement Information

Hartford Health Initiative's (HHI) mission is to increase equitable healthcare access and improve health outcomes for Hartford residents.

Our Vision: We envision a Hartford where everyone has an equitable chance for a healthy future.

Since its inception, HHI has been working to make sure everyone in Hartford is getting the healthcare they need and help them stay healthy and has engaged thousands of residents in the Greater Hartford area through various community engagement initiatives.

Your zip code shouldn't dictate your health

Where you live should not be a predictor of your health outcomes and life expectancy. In the state of CT, people living within blocks of one another could have vastly different life expectancy due to the zipcode in which they live.

Explore how life expectancy in your neighborhood compares with other towns, the state, and the country.


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