About Hartford Health Initiative

Hartford Health Initiative (HHI) was founded in 2016 by Chavon Hamilton-Burgess, a life-long resident of Hartford, CT. The organization was started with the aim of improving health outcomes for families living in the North End neighborhood of Hartford.

Our Mission: To increase equitable healthcare access and improve health outcomes for residents in the City of Hartford.

Our Vision: We envision city where everyone has an equitable chance for a healthy future.

Since our inception, HHI has engaged over1,000 residents in the Greater Hartford area through our various community engagement initiatives.

Chavon Hamilton-Burgess
Founder/Executive Director

Chavon Hamilton-Burgess founded HHI to use her previous public health experience to improve the health of residents living in the community where she grew up. As the founding Executive Director, she manages relationship building, infrastructure development and developing the strategic goals of the organization. Prior to starting the organization, Chavon conducted public health research in Hartford, CT and Atlanta, GA. Her most recent employment, before returning back to CT, was as Project Manager with the Boston Public Health Commission.

Chavon has two Masters degrees, an MSW  from the University of Connecticut and a MPA from Rutgers University. She is currently a Public Health PhD student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.


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