The Care Coordination Project is a partnership between  Hartford Health Initiative and neighborhood health clinics. We aim to connect  Hartford residents to primary care services and address relevant barriers to ensure that participants continue with care long-term.  Contact us for more information. To refer or to sign up Click here to learn more

Thank you to all our volunteers, Hartford Fire Department Special Services Unit, Love Your Block Hartford, and Keney Park Sustainability Project for your contribution in making this day successful. Today was a good day!

Hartford Health Initiative is creating awareness about steps residents can take to stay involved in the democratic process and contribute to the development of their neighborhood. Below is our Civic Engagement Booklet, a resources to direct residents to their elected officials and other governance bodies to share community concerns. Click here to learn more

Hartford Health Initiative is currently conducting focus groups with youth of color ages 15-24 years pertaining to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Black and brown youth in this age range are disproportionately affected by STI infections, specifically Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. For more information, click here.

“Your zip code shouldn't dictate your health”

Hartford Health Initiative believes that where you live should not be a predictor of your health outcomes and life expectancy. In the state of CT, people living within blocks of one another could have vastly different life expectancy due to the zipcode in which they live.

To explore how life expectancy in your neighborhood compares with other towns, the state, and the country click here

Please help us to ensure that all people have an equal opportunity to live a long healthy life.

Your donations will help to fund community engagement initiatives.